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Welcome to Arc Flash Advisors Ltd Canada-Expert Arc Flash Study and Electrical Engineering Services

About Arc Flash Advisors Ltd

Arc Flash Advisors Ltd., was founded by a group of passionate electrical engineers, licensed electricians, and certified thermographers from various electrical power sectors, who have been performing Arc Flash Studies, electrical power systems analysis, maintenanceinspection, testing and commissioning services for the past 40 years in Ontario and throughout Canada as well as international projects and have incorporated the best practices from various industries into the Arc Flash Advisors processes.
We are experts in arc flash study or arc flash hazard analysis, electrical power systems engineering, power quality, electrical safety, infrared services, electrical testing, troubleshooting, inspection, commissioningforensic electrical engineering and preventative maintenance.
We partner with our clients to establish high quality, cost effective electrical engineering solutions supported by outstanding power engineering services, superior field work and customer service and support. Our team of electrical experts, thermographers and support specialists offer power systems analysis, training, electrical field services and expert consultation.


Electrical Engineering Services:

Arc Flash Hazard Study and Analysis

We provide solutions to mitigate the risks associated with high levels of arc energy.
An Arc Flash Study, also known as an Arc Flash Hazard Prevention Study is essential to determine incident energy at all points of your electrical system, which in turn determines what protective gear is required for safely working on any energized electrical equipment. See our Arc Flash Studies and Analysis page for more detailed information. The studies incorporate creation of a one line drawing for the system, a short circuit study, a device coordination study, over current protective device selectivity and other power system protective equipment settings

Power Systems Study and Analysis

As specialists in the area of electrical power switching and protection, we offer protective device coordination studies to help our clients to ensure that device settings and ampere ratings are optimized to minimize the impact of faults, avoid nuisance tripping caused by normal transients and inrushes, and minimize unnecessary blackouts throughout their electrical power system.
Arc Flash Advisors can also provide innovative solutions for day-to-day operations for maintenance and engineering departments across various industries.
Working closely with our clients, we help them meet their present requirements while providing a foundation for future flexibility. As your needs change, Arc Flash Advisors are committed to evolving and embracing new and proven technology and skills. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and we support your projects long after they are successfully completed and delivered.
Please contact us if you require a power system study, consultation, electrical testing, inspection, commissioning and maintenance services, power quality analysis and troubleshooting, or Arc Flash Study and Electrical Safety Services.

Arc Flash Awareness Training

Safety starts with awareness and training. The safety of your electricians and other workers is of paramount concern. Our state of the art Arc Flash Awareness Training course provides the knowledge and training to keep your workforce safe from potentially hazardous electrical failures resulting in Arc Flash events.
Please visit our Arc Flash Training site for more information about this valuable course.

Electrical Systems Infrared Inspection

Our infrared electrical inspections provide thermal scanning and inspection. We evaluate the results and produce customized reports for a wide range of commercial, industrial, residential, municipal and institutional clients.
Hot fuse photo    Hot fuse thermal image
We specialize in electrical infrared inspections but can also perform heat loss and energy assessments, infrared building envelope surveys, energy audits, equipment inspections, reserve fund studies, property condition assessments, lighting retrofits, infrared roof moisture surveys, water, moisture and leak inspections, CMU block wall scans, solar roof audits, infrared mechanical inspections, as well as infrared predictive maintenance services. In addition, we offer insurance inspections and infrared data centre inspections.

Arc Flash Advisors' Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver high quality, cost effective, power engineering services, field services and training and to provide outstanding customer service and support.

Complete power systems engineering services in accordance with the following:
Ontario Health & Safety Act | IEEE | NFPA 70E | Bill C-45 | CSA Z462 | Canadian Electrical Code