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Arc Flash Study Process

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Process

Phase I - Data Collection
An  Arc Flash Advisors technician  will visit your facility to collect the electrical data necessary to prepare an arc-flash hazard analysis of your facility. Data will be collected on the electrical system from the electric utility service point through your electrical system to the equipment where the arc-flash hazard risk is reduced to a Level 1 or less. Data may not be collected on those circuits and equipment where the arc-flash hazard is below a hazard risk level one.   Data Collection team

(Provided by your facility)

  1. Simple floor plan of the facility, drawn to scale. The floor plan will be used to estimate the length of feeder circuits.
  2. Identification of all disconnects circuit breakers, switchboards, motor control centers and transformers.
  3. Man-lift and/or ladders, as needed to collect data on electrical equipment such as disconnects, circuit breakers or transformers.
  4. If the facility has a qualified electrician or engineer available, Arc Flash Advisors requests that one accompany and assist in the data gathering, increasing the overall safety and efficiency of the data gathering.
  5. Availability of existing data sheets and/or drawings that provide information on the existing electrical system.

Phase II - Engineering Analysis
Data collected from Phase I and/or data provided by the facility will be used to complete the engineering analysis, which includes a short-circuit analysis, protective device coordination analysis, and the arc-flash hazard analysis and a report of the available short-circuit current at each buss evaluated. Arc Flash Advisors utilizes software from SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. for all Arc Flash Hazard Analysis.

Phase III - Presentation of the Results of the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Affixing Labels, and Development of Electrical Safety Programs
The results from Phase II – Engineering Analysis will be documented and provided to the facility in a report format. A facility may request an on-site presentation of the results of the analysis; if requested, the cost of this presentation is included in Phase III. Warning labels will be printed for all electrical equipment evaluated. Some facilities prefer Arc Flash Advisors take responsibility for affixing the warning labels, which are printed as part of Phase II, to the appropriate equipment; if requested, the cost of this service is included in Phase III. Sample Arc Flash Label
Consulting services are available to assist in developing Electrical Safety Programs and Policies, and assisting in selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (clothing, gloves, and tools); if requested, the cost of these services are included in Phase III.

Electrical Safe Work Practices Training
The Electrical Safe Work Practices Program is designed for all personnel who work on or near any type of exposed energized equipment. Electrical Hazards, proper electrical work practices and procedures, and the safe installation of electrical equipment will be discussed. You will be introduced to the rules and regulations as required by the OSHA Electrical Safety Related Work Practices standard 1910.331-1910.335. You will also learn how the NFPA 70E requirements work in conjunction with the OSHA requirements. This program is designed in-part NFPA 70E and OSHA training requirements for “qualified persons”.

How much will this cost:

 There are 4 ways Arc Flash Advisors will be able to offer a quote for completing the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis:


  1. Send us your latest version of the electrical single line diagram(s) with new and existing electrical components clearly labelled, From the new electrical components to the utility entrance.
  2. Send us a copy of the electrical specifications pertaining to the electrical services to be performed by Arc-Flash Advisors (e.g. power systems studies, testing, inspection, commissioning)  
  3. Complete the Arc Flash Estimate questionnaire and fax to 647-795-7807 or e-mail to

    Email address:

  4. Have an Arc Flash Advisors technician visit your facility