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Personal Protective Equipment Plan

PPE Consultation and Supply

Personal Protection Equipment

Arc Flash Advisors Ltd. partners with the following manufacturers and distributes Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment and Insulating Tools:

Big Bill



National Safety Apparel

PMMI International

Steel Grip

Oberon Company

Arc Flash Advisors provides consultation and supply of Personal Protective Equipment and Insulated tools pertaining to the procurement, safety, wear, care, maintenance, testing, and disposal in accordance with the recommended practices and procedures set forth in CSA Z462, NFPA 70E and the relevant ASTM Standards:

Head and Face Protection: Hard hats, arc rated hoods, face shields, sock hood/balaclava system, hood air ventilation system as required (ASTM 1506, ASTM 1959, ASTM 2178 Compliant)

Hearing Protection: FR Earmuffs, non flammable

Hand protection: Electrical insulating gloves with leather protection, arc rated thermographer gloves (ASTM D 120, F 496, F 696 Compliant)

Body Protection: Arc rated shirts and pants, arc rated coveralls, arc rated suits and bib-overalls, FR rainwear, cooling vests as required for heat stress reduction (ASTM 1506, ASTM 1959, ASTM 1891 Compliant)

Eye Protection: UV and Impact Protection Goggles and Spectacles, non flammable

Accessories: Electrical insulated tools, foot protection, and arc rated blankets (ASTM 1506, ASTM 1959, ASTM 1505 Compliant)