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Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality

Arc Flash Advisors Ltd provides Power Quality Analysis Studies based on IEEE Std 519-1992 Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems.
IEEE Std 519-1992
CAN/CSA E 1000 2-2-97

Power Quality Study process:

Using a Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer Arc Flash Advisor Crews will:

  • Visit the facility to attach a set of power monitoring CT’s and VT’s - This may require de-energising the test point.
  • Provide Frontline Troubleshooting - Quickly diagnose problems and get your operations back online Power Quality Analyzer

Capture Power Quality Measures

  • Magnitude - Long term level voltage
  • Unbalance - Condition of the 3 phase power system and phase angle
  • Harmonics - Peak and Total harmonic distortion
  • Flicker - periodic fluctuation in voltage

Capture Transient Disturbances

  • Dip (Sag) A momentary reduction in voltage
  • Swell A momentary increase of the voltage relative to nominal
  • Transient A very brief ( <0.5 cycle) fluctuation in the voltage

Return to remove the power monitoring equipment

Report and Analyse

  • Provide a detailed report of findings
  • Provide raw data to be kept as baseline
  • Make recommendations to improve power quality of necessary


  • Power Quality Analysis Report