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Power Systems Engineering Services

Power Systems Engineering

Arc Flash Advisors Ltd is an electrical engineering firm focusing on the design, development, maintenance and commissioning of modern low, medium and high voltage power systems and electrical infrastructure. Arc Flash Advisors also provides third party certification of non-listed equipment, electrical field testing, commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance, power quality and inspection services. Arc Flash Advisors can provide a multitude of power system engineering services. Our field engineers have years of experience working in industrial, commercial, governmental, and utility facilities. Our services will eliminate your power quality problems, thus increasing your facility's reliability and efficiency. Arc Flash Advisors understands that our clients must deal with financial pressures in today's complicated regulatory environment.

Arc Flash Advisors Engineering Services Include:

Quality is the centerpiece of the value and service Arc Flash Advisors provides to its clients. It is infused throughout our people, our programs, and our processes. Arc Flash Advisors believe that it is the quality of our deliverables and our service that ultimately delivers our client projects on schedule and in budget.
Arc Flash Advisors years of experience in low, medium and high voltage electrical systems is the assurance of our ability to provide you with quality power system engineering services.
Our staff of highly specialized and experienced power systems experts provide engineering, technical, scientific, and forensics services for our clients:
Whether you require a complete program or short-term assistance with arc flash calculations, we have a solution to fit your needs. Arc Flash Advisors years of experience in low, medium and high voltage electrical systems is the assurance of our ability to provide you with quality services.


Who are our Clients?

* Electrical Consultants
* Electrical Contractors
* Electrical Suppliers
* Electrical Equipment Owners
* Electrical Manufacturers
* Electrical Utilities
* Insurance Companies
* Insurance and Claims Adjusters
* Law Firms
* Risk Managers
* Government Agencies
* Independent Power Producers

Power Systems Study and Analysis

As specialists in the area of electrical power switching and protection, we offer protective device coordination studies to help our clients to ensure that device settings and ampere ratings are optimized to minimize the impact of faults, avoid nuisance tripping caused by normal transients and inrushes, and minimize unnecessary blackouts throughout their electrical power system.
Arc Flash Advisors can also provide innovative solutions for day-to-day operations for maintenance and engineering departments across various industries.
Working closely with our clients, we help them meet their present requirements while providing a foundation for future flexibility. As your needs change, Arc Flash Advisors are committed to evolving and embracing new and proven technology and skills. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and we support your projects long after they are successfully completed and delivered.
Please contact us if you require a power system study, consultation, electrical testing, inspection, commissioning and maintenance services, power quality analysis and troubleshooting, or Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Services.