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Pre-service Inspection, Testing and Commissioning

Commissioning of new Installation of new equipment and systems increases the reliability of your electrical system by detecting defects and the mis-application of newly installed equipment.

In the areas of commissioning new equipment and maintaining the old, we strive to ensure our customer receives complete reports outlining the strengths and weaknesses of his power system. Our expertise includes work on a wide range of equipment and is performed in accordance with IEEE, ANSI and NETA testing standards. A sample listing of equipment, which we regularly service, is as follows:

We can design a commissioning plan that fully tests and verifies your electrical operations
  • Coordination studies
  • Commissioning plans
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Low, medium, and high voltage
  • Base line infrared thermography
  • Complete substation commissioning & acceptance testing
  • High potential tests
  • Ground mat resistance studies
  • Ground soil receptivity & 'Step & Touch' studies
  • Cable testing
  • Health Care PRG testing to CSA standards Z32-04
  • Switchgear Control Circuits
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Switchgear
  • Transfer Switches
  • Protective Relays 
  • Instrument Transformers (PT/CT)
  • Bus Ducts
  • Harmonic Recordings
Arc Flash Advisors offer specialized services in the following areas
* Transformer Vacuum Filling
* Infrared Thermographic Inspections
* Breaker Repairs/Modifications
* Power Factor Correction
* Breaker Retrofit to Solid State Relays
* Power Cable Fault Locating
* Protective Relay Repairs
* Transformer Oil Processing
* High Voltage Cable Terminations
* Specialized Installation Packages
* Metering/SCADA installations