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Preventative Maintenance Programs

Infrared Predictive Maintenance (IR PdM)

  Thermal Image hot fuse clip Thermal image of wire heating from connection
Infrared Predictive Maintenance (IR PdM) is a maintenance strategy that uses the latest technologies to determine the early stages of faults and predict failure by evaluating the rate of dilapidation.  

This predictive maintenance technique can be crucial in identifying failing mechanical equipment and processes. A comprehensive Infrared Predictive Maintenance (IR PdM) program can improve your plant’s reliability and safety through early detection of equipment problems. In fact, temperature and thermal behavior of mechanical systems, electrical systems and associated components are the most critical factors in the maintenance of safe and cost-effective operations.

Arc Flash Advisors offer infrared thermographic testing that is necessary to provide a comprehensive, cost-fighting infrared maintenance program for your company.

Let us help you with your Infrared Predictive Maintenance (IR PdM) Program. Whether you are just getting started or have already been performing infrared inspections in your facility, we have the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of your Infrared Program.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

A well-organized and implemented preventative maintenance program minimizes accidents, reduces unplanned shutdowns, and lengthens the mean time between failures (MTBF) of electrical equipment. Benefits of EPM can be categorized as direct and indirect.
Direct benefits are derived from reduced cost of repairs, reduced downtime of equipment, and improved safety of personnel and property.
Indirect benefits can be related to improved morale of employees, better workmanship, increased productivity, and the discovery of deficiencies in the system that were either designed into the original system or caused by later changes made in the system.
Arc Flash Advisors Ltd. provides a comprehensive annual and semi-annual electrical preventative maintenance program to keep your electrical facility up and running. All electrical maintenance is performed in accordance with the recommended practices and procedures set forth in ANSI/NETA ATS.
Our highly skilled and experienced electrical power systems engineers, as well as our technical field electricians work together to provide a multitude of preventative maintenance services for any power system, including generators, transformers, overcurrent protective devices (fuses, switches, breakers, relays), switchboards, switchgear, panelboards, UPS, ATS, motors, etc...

Arc Flash Advisors electrical power systems engineers can tailor a preventative maintenance program that fits your needs, with the right combination of non-destructive and electro-mechanical tests and inspections, performed by our highly specialized electrical field electricians.  Refer to our field services page for a list of available maintenance procedures performed by Arc Flash Advisors.

We can help you to:
•select appropriate equipment or piece of machinery
•create inspection procedures
•establish routes and schedules of a comprehensive Maintenance program
•follow safety protocols
•evaluate your training needs
•implement analysis and reporting techniques
•and much more...

Advantages of hiring Arc Flash Advisors to come into your facility are:
•When only a few days of inspection are needed, it may be more economical than the other options
•Our staff are trained professionals with extensive experience in the field and the latest equipment in the industry
•Costs for contracted services are fixed and can be budgeted
•Very little in-house paperwork and support services are needed to have the contractor perform an inspection
•No other costs, like camera or training are involved
•Contracted services are all inclusive, providing the client with a thorough inspection and a complete report
•Contracted services can be used as an auditing tool for in-house maintenance programs or as a troubleshooting additional tool
•Contracted services can be used in a support role to help companies with a reduced maintenance crew with their in-house maintenance programs
•All data collected is confidential and kept on file for three years, providing a safe back up to our clients, when needed

Arc Flash Advisors offer a periodic thermal imaging and analysis service package and suggests scheduling visits on a quarterly basis. For more sensitive or older equipment or for tighter production conditions we recommend an “Every two months” infrared scanning program. Repeat infrared imaging represents the best means for establishing baselines, trending analysis and setting up change comparison scenarios, yielding the most informative inspection data and leading to reductions in overall maintenance expenses.

Thermal imaging is a valuable enhancement to any proactive asset protection and maintenance program. Where investment is cost prohibitive, outsourcing infrared surveys is an affordable alternative to the purchase, upkeep and inevitable upgrade of thermo graphic hardware and software. You do not need to purchase any additional equipment, supplies, or receive special training to get started.

Contact us today to find out how Arc Flash Advsors can deliver this exciting service and technology to your location and help to shift resources away from costly downtime, scheduled maintenance and into the more value added activities that represent a true Predictive Maintenance program.